Our MissionEdit

WW is a clandestine society tasked with providing entertaining interludes of comic mischief for the pleasure of WW members, and the entertainment of the rest of the community.


We regard the entire college as fair game for fun... however we will not:

  • cause lasting damage to any part of the college buildings, fixtures or fittings
  • inflict any harm, psychological or physical on any individual member of the college
  • in short we will participate only in victimless activities with no lasting consequences beyond the merry memories of our activities.


Membership is by invitation after extensive background investigation and assessment of suitability - MI5-style, or application by email address to WW1 (Chief Admin) at Please give a brief outline of your first WW activity in your application. You will be allocated a number e.g. WW23, which you can use in identifying yourself in future activities, and will receive our business cards to be placed at the scene of the mischief to claim responsibility. Please do not join if you wish to engage in activities that are malicious in any way - that's not what we're about.


Early mischief

Due to the nature of these early activities they will not be identified with the protagonists WW number in order to preserve anonymity....

1. Vicegerents photo... a refreshing alternative. The VGs official picture is... well... interesting, but we felt it could be improved on, so we made a substitution. Date: 23rd April. Location: 1st floor Admin corridor. Credit: WW1

Vicegerents photos

This photo was removed by staff after 10 days so this is the only place you can see it in all it's glory...

2. Acting Presidents photo... his true nature revealed. His official picture as VG is actually pretty good, but it was felt that this did not properly reflect his mischievous nature... so this too has been substituted. Date: 27th April Location: 1st floor Admin corridor. Credit: WW1

Acting Presidents photos

unsportingly, this photo was removed instantly... still, I liked it!

This page will be updated with further content as we fancy, but in the meantime, you will know us by our sign...


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