The Banbury Beer Festival will be taking place between 8th - 10th May. As there is a Friday Formal Hall on the 9th, we will be organising a trip to be beer festival on Saturday, 10th May. We will meet at the lodge at 13:00 before getting a train up to Banbury together.

Price: £2 entry + transport costs to/from Banbury

Beer tokens are sold in £5 denominations, but you can get a refund for unused tokens. Prices for half-pint of one of festival's 80 beers start at £1 with most beers being £1.10 or £1.20.

Wolfson Graduate Students: 50% subsidy for entry and transport costs. You will need to keep hold your ticket receipts for claiming back this subsidy.

Links Edit

Banbury Beer Festival 2008

Campaign For Real Ale

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